Taco and a Soft Drink

Thank God it’s Taco Tuesday is a thing right? Go virgin. Get your taco with a soft drink for only £2 on a Tuesday.


  • Black Beans Black Beans
  • Grilled Chicken Grilled Chicken
  • Seasoned Beef Seasoned Beef


  • Cheddar Cheese Cheddar Cheese
  • Lettuce Lettuce

Choose a Drink

  • Diet Pepsi Diet Pepsi
  • Pepsi Max Pepsi Max
  • Pepsi Max Cherry Pepsi Max Cherry
  • Apple Tango Apple Tango
  • Orange Tango Orange Tango
  • Robinsons Robinsons
  • 7Up Free 7Up Free
  • Mountain Dew Mountain Dew
  • Tropicana Orange Tropicana Orange
  • Bottled Water Bottled Water
  • Lemon Freeze Lemon Freeze
  • Strawberry Freeze Strawberry Freeze