Our Commitments

At Taco Bell we pride ourselves on our crunchy, cheesy, flavourful Mexican-inspired products that are made fresh to order. In order to deliver on this, we have clear standards of food safety and product quality that are among the highest in the food industry.

We only use suppliers who share our core values around food safety and product quality. Simply put, if they don’t share our commitment to the customer, they can’t supply us. We work with them on a continuous basis to drive food safety and quality initiatives to greater and greater levels, meeting all regulatory and industry standards, and, in many cases, exceeding them. We award those with the greatest passion and best results with our Star Supplier of the Year Awards. All of our suppliers are aware of the Taco Bell single-minded commitment to doing what is right for the customer, and knowing that for Taco Bell, only the best is good enough.

In 2019 Taco Bell UK & Europe made a commitment to source 100% free-range eggs (shell/liquid/ingredients) across our supply chain. We aim to meet this commitment by the end of 2021.

In 2021 Taco Bell UK has adopted the Better Chicken Commitment for the chicken (fresh/frozen/processed) used throughout our UK supply chain, and plans to meet all  of the applicable standards by the end of 2026.