7 Layer Burrito

With 7-layers of completely different and delicious ingredients, the 7-Layer Burrito is kind of like that 7-floor city apartment you see in a US sitcom. Every floor has completely different personalities, but somehow everybody’s unique dynamic created a sort of perfect, 7-layer family. Similar to a 7-Layer Burrito. You know… Black beans live on the first floor and always tells you jokes in a different language, then laughs hysterically. Seasoned Rice is an elderly woman that lives on the second floor and has a lovely patio garden. Guacamole lives on the third floor and is a dancer, you think. Shredded Lettuce is the landlord and lives on the fourth floor. Three-Cheese Blend is a musician on the fifth floor and brings the party to the 7-Layer Burrito. Diced Tomatoes lives on the sixth floor and is probably a dude named Jeff. He’s a pretty cool guy. Again, what’s a 7-Layer Burrito (and apartment building for that matter) without the seventh floor? The penthouse of the building. It’s owned by an eccentric and evasive guy, Sour Cream.


  • Black Beans Black Beans


  • Lettuce Lettuce
  • Tomatoes Tomatoes
  • Seasoned Mexican Rice Seasoned Mexican Rice
  • 3 Cheese Blend 3 Cheese Blend
  • Guacamole Guacamole
  • Sour Cream Sour Cream