We take the Tacos to you, thanks Deliveroo!

Oct 31, 2017 17:00

Why leave the comfort of your living room?!

From Uber and Instagram, to Google Maps and Deliveroo, little did any of us know the world of ease and accessibility apps would bring us. Mobile has truly revolutionised how we live. We can eat, shop, and be entertained, how we want, when we want, with our digits!

At Taco Bell, convenience runs deep in our DNA, which is why we decided to partner with Deliveroo in the UK. From offing free WiFi in restaurant, to having a fully customisable menu, we are constantly on the hunt to reinvent and reenergise how we do things to make it easier for you.

Now available in 14/24 stores, we are offering our a la carte menu and yummy meal combos with beverage cans on Deliveroo. This March we launched our delicious Chicken Nachos online so you could experience ‘no more boring chicken’, right from your home. Expect more of this!